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EU introduced the shoes, baby safety Seat Regulations
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August 2011 2 to 4 days, the European Union, "Official Gazette" published a number of regulations, each of the EU merger regulation involve names (CN) classification of goods, products within the EU market to ensure a uniform tariff.

 Published August 2, Regulation No. 757/2011, No. involved in training shoes. Regulation sets out the definition of training shoes are not covering the ankle, style both men and women, in the end more than 24 cm, respectively, with outer soles of rubber soles and mid-level and low-density polymers. Uppers to multi-block textiles, leather and plastic.

 Regulations further explain the contents of the training shoes feature details, including colors, materials and how to create bonding material, and provides image display is not made ​​and made ​​products. Training shoes combined nominal number 64041100, including sports shoes; tennis shoes, basketball shoes, gym shoes, training shoes and analogues, are required to pay 16.9% of the tariff.

 Regulations at the following website:

 No. Regulation No. 772/2011 Safety Seat for children to describe, also announced on August 4. This product can be extended with Legs, and red / green marking label safety seat is installed correctly. Seat for different types of child safety seat, child safety seats are a part, so the number of names to be included in the consolidated 94,019,080, to pay 2.7% duty.

 No. Regulation No. 772/2011 at the following website:

 The regulations in the "Official Gazette" take effect 20 days after publication.


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