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Brazil introduced a number of trade protection measures to victims of Chinese products
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Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission announced on September 6, from now on a series of measures to restrict imports to protect domestic industries. These measures include raising seven kinds of import tariffs on manufactured goods and imported products for a number of anti-dumping sanctions against China as the biggest victims.

 Analysts pointed out that the Brazilian government to take trade protection measures, it is clear to Chinese products as the main target. Raise tariffs in seven products, five, imported from China, including ceramic tiles (from 15% to 35%), cycling (from 20% to 35%), split air conditioning (from 18% to 35% raised ), etc.

 Brazil will also be carbon steel pipe from China anti-dumping sanctions. In the next two years, the carbon steel pipe imports from China will be charged $ 743 per ton of punitive tariffs, the equivalent of the price increase than the current 80%. Anti-dumping sanctions by other countries, products, production of coarse salt, such as Chile would be subject to punitive tariffs of 35%.

 Brazil's Industry and Trade Ministry official said the government is still on a large number of anti-dumping investigation of imported products, so the future will be subject to sanctions of some foreign products.

 Affected by the global economic downturn, slowdown this year, the Brazilian economy, especially the apparent slowdown in industrial production. According to statistics, Brazil's industrial production in June fell 1.6% in July despite growth of 2.2%, but still down 9.9% year on year.

 Economists believe that Brazil's industrial decline is clearly excessive real appreciation of the Government unable to intervene in the case of the exchange rate, trade protection measures in favor of relief. Economists expected, with the worsening external economic environment, Brazil's protectionist practices may be intensified.

 Brazilian Foreign Trade Commission, Brazil's foreign trade policy and trade protection measures, decision-making body, the Committee members from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Office of Presidential civil officers.


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