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U.S. Food Chemicals Codex add new quality standards
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USP Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) has drafted a new quality standards, covering infant formula ingredients, functional food ingredients, sweeteners and food coloring. New quality standards is seeking public comment deadline is September 30. New content:

 Sodium molybdate: a source of essential trace elements molybdenum, can be used for slightly larger babies and young children's formulations, as a food supplement to meet specific dietary needs. This is the first ingredient in food for this application in detail. FCC recommended daily limit of 45 micrograms. The FCC also developed a number of standard infant formula ingredients, such as nucleotides, etc., and many of them only recently added to the pharmacopoeia to go.

 Algae oil sources DHA: fish oil, an essential omega-3 fatty acids, its health effects due to rumors were added to a variety of functional foods. FCC has developed other sources of DHA and ARA oil quality standards (omega-6 fatty acids) quality standards. These ingredients typically used in traditional and functional foods, some are also used in infant formula.

 Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone (NDHC): This plant source sweetener 340 times sweeter than sucrose so, can be used for soft drinks, chewing gum, dairy products and desserts such as in food and beverage. NDHC effectively modified citrus bitter ingredients. The EU has approved NDHC used as a sweetener, and obtain GRAS status in the United States. However, NDHC application in the United States is not how popular.

 Three kinds of synthetic red pigment: FCC added Amaranth, Yuhong, and Carmine three azo pigment standards and quality specifications. Some countries have been internationally approved the use of these three colors, including some European and Asian countries. However, its inclusion in the United States did not approve the use of seven kinds of synthetic pigments.


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