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New EU safety directives issued rope curtain
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Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau WTO office news, the European Commission recently released a cause for potential risks to children's curtain cords and safety devices of the first 2011/477/EU resolution listed on the use of interior blinds, rope window covering products with specific safety and security devices and information requirements, the purpose is to prevent child strangulation strangulation risk. The resolution was August 17, 2011 to take effect.

The release of the new directive for the curtains with a rope design of security requirements: such as rope or chain shall not form a dangerous circle; design products should provide the appropriate safety devices; safety devices should be used as an integral part of the product; integrity of safety equipment should be non-rope or chain in the state, to be indicated on the label warning information; to avoid child safety equipment operation to ensure that no sharp edges and protrusions, etc. The products involved include Roman blinds, Austrian / ear satin with shutters, panel shutters, ventilation windows, roller blinds, and other potentially dangerous with rope, chain structure of the products, such as curtains, mosquito net. In the future, such products will be in accordance with European standards requires the implementation of the directive.

In recent years, curtain cords around the world due to frequent casualties caused, according to statistics, in 1998, the EU has 129 children are being curtains or draperies rope rope injury was taken to hospital; 2008-2010 period, Ireland, Britain, Finland, the Netherlands and Turkey, a total of 10 fatal accidents occurred; Since 1999, the United States, 119 curtains and rope-related deaths occurred; Canada since 1986, 28 cases; Australia there are 10 cases since 2000 related to fatalities.

Children exposed rope curtains easily attracted, and in the course of play easily curtain cords of the neck caused by suffocation risk, the United States, the European Union have repeatedly produced in China, roller blinds, Roman blinds and other high-volume implementation of the recall, curtains with rope caused by the various national security issues more attention. U.S. has released a new version this year, "ANSI / WCMA A100.1 rope curtains with the latest product safety standards" for the curtain to provide a more clear and precise product definition, and also devoted to the Roman blinds and roller blinds for the specific test requirements and steps. The European Union issued Resolution No. 2011/477/EU curtains again export business security alarm sounded. Coupled with the U.S. and Europe has always been an important exporter in Ningbo, Ningbo, and textiles is an important feature of export products, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind the export enterprises should strictly follow the new U.S. and EU safety standards for production, particular attention is to avoid exposure to Children exposed rope, causing dangerous strangle; also warns consumers to have to make use of young children with no rope curtains.


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