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Eco-design directive covers products horizon
author:admin adddate:2011-09-03 from:Network

European Commission on August 24, 2011 issued a draft report, which will advance the discussion of the 2012-2014 work plan, including a product illustrative list, the list will be environmental protection product-design Directive (2009/125 / EC) under the rules governing environmental protection, some of which are closely related with Hong Kong products, including mobile phones and home audio-visual products.


 By the environmental legislation governing the design of products such as failure to comply with the relevant provisions, it can not obtain the CE mark, nor in the EU market launch. Administration is studying expanding the scope of environmental laws designed to cover all consumer products, research results will be published at the end of this year.


 The current directive only the development of environmental design environmental design work required to establish the framework, while the European Commission is responsible for formulating detailed rules for implementation. The European Commission will prepare a work plan, which includes a illustrative list of products, and the list of products in the next three years, giving priority to enforcement of rules.


 Although the current eco-design eco-design directive has significantly expanded the scope of the law, but the current implementation of 12 measures involving all electrical and electronic equipment, such as lighting products, televisions, fans, electric motors, household dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerator with freezer.


 The draft report within the illustrative list, including mobile phones, electric kettle, steam oven, hot non-home audio equipment and home products, as well as energy-related products, including taps and showers, detergent and building insulation products. These products will show the European Commission issued a green design rules.


 Commission must be October 21, 2011 published in the certainty of 2012 to 2014 work plan, and more clear that environmental protection will be included in the list of rules and regulations governing the design of product categories, be sure to pay attention to Hong Kong.


 Develop work plans to issue only the first step in implementing measures to really implement the measures must also carry out other procedures, take years. Even if measures implemented, the environmental design requirements should also be set up before the commencement of the transition period. Nevertheless, Hong Kong traders should be noted that the relevant regulations are driving the industry as soon as possible.


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