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The introduction of multi-national requirements of children's clothing on the rope
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Children on the rope there to cause suffocation risk. Rope caught in playground equipment may be moving vehicles, cable cars and other equipment, resulting in serious injury or death.

 In order to minimize the risk of accidents, some countries have set the relevant safety standards.

 July 29, 2011, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) voted ASTM F 1816-97 (2009). The standard details the children's coat jacket on the rope requirements (size of 2T-12, a rope at the neck or hood; size is 2T-16, with the waist or bottom of the rope). Does not meet the requirements of the products are considered to be hazardous characteristics of the product. Some states also have their own regulations, such as Wisconsin and New York State law-ATCP139 law-A10866.

 In Europe, the European standard EN 14682:2007 of the child's age (the age of seven and between seven to 14 years old), children's wear on the rope on the existence and characteristics have made a specific request. In the UK, "the head belted relevant provisions of the 1976 children's clothing", the ban on the sale or distribution rope design on the hood of children coat.

 In Australia, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recommended children's wear on the rope should refer to the standard ASTM F 1816 and EN 14682.


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