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Atomization Testing
Roof and wall covering materials and accessories CE Certified

Roof covering products for discontinuous laying and products for wall cladding

EN 534-2006 Corrugated bitumen sheets - Product specification and test methods沥青波纹板.产品规范和试验方法
EN 544-2005 Bitumen shingles with mineral and/or synthetic reinforcements - Product specification and test methods含矿物和/或合成增强材料的沥青屋顶板.产品规范和试验
EN 1304-2005 Clay roofing tiles and fittings - Product definitions and specifications粘土屋顶瓦及其配件.产品定义和规范
EN 490-2004 Concrete roofing tiles and fittings for roof covering and wall cladding - Product specifications屋顶水泥砖和水泥型砖.产品要求
EN 492-2004 Fibre-cement slates and fittings - Product specification and test methods纤维混凝土屋顶板及其屋顶用附件.产品规范和检验方法
EN 494-2004 Fibre-cement profiled sheets and fittings - Product specification and test methods屋面用的纤维水泥型板及其配件.产品规范和检验方法
EN 12467-2004 Fibre-cement flat sheets - Product specification and test methods纤维水泥平板材.产品规范和试验方法
EN 14782-2006 Self-supporting metal sheet for roofing, external cladding and internal lining - Product specification and requirements外部镶面和内部衬垫屋顶层用自承重金属薄板.产品规范和要求.
EN 14783-2006 Fully supported metal sheet and strip for roofing, external cladding and internal lining - Product specification and requirements盖屋顶、外部覆层和内衬用全支撑金属薄板材和带材.产品规范和要求
EN 1873-2005 Prefabricated accessories for roofing - Individual roof lights of plastics - Product specification and test methods屋顶层用预制附件.塑料单个屋顶灯.产品规范和试验方法.
EN 516-2006 Prefabricated accessories for roofing - Installations for roof access - Walkways, treads and steps屋顶预制附件.屋顶通道的安装.步桥、踏板、单踏板
EN 517-2006 Prefabricated accessories for roofing - Roof safety hooks屋顶预制附件.屋顶安全吊钩
EN 12951-2004 Prefabricated accessories for roofing - Permanently fixed roof ladders - Product specification and test methods屋顶层用预制附件.长期固定的屋顶梯.产品规范和试验方法
EN 14963-2006 Roof coverings - Continuous rooflights of plastics with or without upstands - Classification, requirements and test methods屋顶遮盖物.带或不带竖立构件的塑料采光屋顶窗.分类要求和试验方法
EN 14964-2006 Rigid underlays for discontinuous roofing - Definitions and characteristics非连续性屋顶盖法用硬质衬垫物.定义和特征
EN 14509-2006 Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels - Factory made products - Specifications自支撑双层隔音金属面板.工厂制作产品.规范