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Halogen Testing
Reliability test and malfunction analysis
  SUNDE TEST provides customers with components level, to the circuit board / module level, to the whole system-level testing service, besides the climate and environment, mechanics testing, product performance testing, and related invalidation analysis services. 
Reliability test and failure analysis service items
Environment test
Mechanical test
Performance test
Special test
Failure analysis
vibration test
basic electrical parameters
high acceleration test
appearance micrographic examination
Constant humidity
impact test
analog signal
multifactor test
X-ray inspection
Varying temperature
crash test
digital signal
marginal test
ultrasonic inspection
Varying temperature/humidity
drop test
radio-frequency signal
Salt spray test
strength test
acoustic measurement
component unsealing
Mixed gases
fatigue test
optical measurement
scanning electron microscope observation
Altitude test
seismic-resistance test
energy spectrum analysis
Waterproof test
X-ray electron spectrum
Sand and dust test
flight time secondary ion mass spectroscopy
chromatography of ions
Fourier Transformation Infrared Analysis

Reliability test and failure analysis service items
Component certification
Reliability prediction
Test program
Lead free welding
Preparation of standard certification document
design phase test
welding material certification
JESD 22 series standard test
pilot run phase test
welding process consulting
AEC Q100 series standard test
mass-production phase test
welding assembling consulting
AEC Q200 series standard test
quality standards test