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Halogen Testing
Automotive Odor test
About the smell test
    Control vehicle air pollution, improve air inside air quality, is today’s development of domestic and foreign automobile technology issue. It is reported that the forthcoming national air pollution limits for standard car, car interior pollution has become a hot concern for the public. Sometimes there is unknown odor in a car, even some instrument can not identify, therefore there is a industrial testing service for automotive manufacturing industry, odor test.

    Odor refers to automotive interiors smell directly or indirectly from any part of an automotive interior, based on human olfactory senses and a comfort evaluation of vehicle quality. It should be noted that some of the odor may be harmful, and some good small may also be harmful. The smell in a vehicle is a key concern when purchasing a vehicle, so car manufacturers are requiring their suppliers to carry out odor testing to prove their products are free of odor, to ensure that the car smell is not cause consumer dissatisfaction.

The status of corporate control
    Nowadays vehicle interior material contains many different materials such as plastic, which contain a lot of chemicals. Although most of these substances are "closed" within the material, but there is still a small amount will evaporate, forming a typical “new car smell”. The world famous automobile companies have developed their own business standards to monitor these substances and the related smells. In order to give everyone a healthy interior and exterior environment, car manufacturers launched their own smell test standards such as:
* Volkswagen vw50180
* Volkswagen PV3900
* Chery Q/SQR.04.103-2004
* General GME60276
* Toyota TSM0505G
* VDA VDA270
* Volvo VCS1027, 2729