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Salt Testing
Electronic Devices/UV test materials

 QUV UV aging testing machine does not simulate the whole spectrum of sunlight, but the destructive effects of simulated sunlight. Mainly by the fluorescent tubes in the solar radiation control to achieve the UV spectrum. This approach is effective, because UV is caused by the aging of outdoor materials, the most important factor.

UV test, you can reproduce the sun, rain and dew resulting damage. Equipment placed by test materials after exposure to sunlight and moisture control of the interaction cycle, while increasing the temperature of the way to trial. Test equipment using ultraviolet fluorescent lamps simulate the sun, but can also simulate the spray condensation or moisture effects. Used to assess material changes in color, luster, cracks, blistering, catalysis, oxidation and other changes.

Each UV lamp used in the test type and the total energy in the ultraviolet emission spectrum wavelength is different fluorescent UV lamp is usually divided into UVA and UVB light, depending on their main output of the region-wide.

UVA-340 sun's ultraviolet part of the simulation, the main products used in outdoor light aging test;
UVA-351 analog through the windows of the ultraviolet part of sunlight, the light products mainly for indoor aging test;
UVB-313EL: durability of materials used in fast, to save the test, will accelerate the aging of materials, sometimes lead to unexpected results. When in use must obtain the customer's consent.

Applicable range of products:
Mainly used in automotive, coatings, paints, printing and packaging, paints, textiles, roofing materials, rubber, plastics, coatings, etc.
Test Standards:
ISO 4892.3-2006; GB / T 16422.3-1997; ASTM G 154-2006; ASTM D 4674-2002
The results found:
Visual inspection (visual inspection, color, gray cards, etc.).