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About sunde

Hangzhou Sunde Testing Technology Services Co.,Ltd. is authoritative third-party testing and certification consulting services,after years of development and customer care, the growing size of the company, is China's first specialized in mechanical, electrical and mechanical product CE certification services organizations, At the same time with many well-known certification agencies such as TUV, SGS, AVT, ECM, etc., companies work with CE certification as a breakthrough technology, increased investment in technology (the introduction of professionals, purchase high-end test equipment) for enterprise products provide efficient access to the EU market, the CE certification, certification to break the Chinese astronomical fee services.
The company provides machinery and equipment EU Notified Body CE certification, CE certification of construction machinery, mechanical and electrical products CE certification,CE certification materials, E-mark certification, CE certification floor; food contact materials LFGB, 2004/1935/EC, FDA testing; MSDS, RoHS, PAHs, EN71, REACH, SVHC and other testing.


◎ Company guidance characteristics
1. To ensure that validated
The company's services will continue to pass validation, to obtain verification certificate.
(2) improve the teaching handouts
The company has accumulated many years of experience, counseling, teaching materials and handouts related to improvement, is able to provide your company to quickly and effectively understand the contents of the product safety standards.
3 complete technical documentation
Consultant of the Company's CE professional technical document Jie (TCF) edit writing experience, the counseling process by the Company Consultant is responsible for the integrity of your editorial writing technical documents CE (TCF).
4. A strong technical team
The company's engineers are carefully selected and trained, and too many manufacturers have successfully counseling through a variety of product safety verification of experience, professionally and quickly verify your company to achieve goals.


◎ Company advantages
Price advantage --- we contact directly with foreign certification bodies, eliminating many intermediate links, coupled with our effective cost control, greatly reducing operating costs.
Technical advantages --- with the certification body we are to maintain a good relationship between the interaction at any time for the discussion and communication technology. Our engineers Jie guidance counseling company obtained CE certification too much experience, you need to prepare the basic product information, we can provide you with full service.
Time we are familiar with a variety of advantages --- certification processes required to provide information, according to the standards and certification focus on quickly and correctly assess your relevant operating procedures, eliminating many of assessment, to be the time. Directly with the executor of the project and technical communication, eliminating the cumbersome work of many layers of time quoted.

The company's main management team are the first in Zhejiang Province, detection of professionals, with more than ten years of professional work experience.